Istanbul, Taksim Square, The Rug AlleyOur journey begins with Benjamin Singer in the year of 1842 in Manchester. He was convinced that the small textile factory owned by his father was in the need of further development. So together Ben and his father came up with an idea, crazy at the time: to travel to distant places and import from there the best fabrics available.

This journey took Ben to places that were as enchanting as Istanbul, as unique as India and as exciting and far as China.

30 years went by and their idea proved to be fruitful. Then the time came for Rebecca, Ben’s daughter to shake things up a little. She wanted to go even further: her desire, her goal, her dream, was to get to dress the most distinguished men in London. In order to do so, they opened up a store in a promising street that was parallel to Regent Str.

It wasn’t until 1943 that the Company opened up its first store outside the United Kingdom. The city had to be Paris, and Paris it was. The place was unmistakable.

The number for the address and the date of the opening were the same: the 2nd of May Au numero 2 de la Place Des Victoires.

There are two items you need to have when you love Paris, the first one, a camera.

The second item, a bicycle.When living in this city you must make your duty to flâner.

This particular word applies to the acts of, going by, watching, rejoicing, touching, smelling... living.

Paris is the place in which we imagine this word was born.

This city is candy for the eye and for the soul.

The Company had been well established and running for many years. It was Moses’ turn now.

Having studied journalism and photography, his Mecca was the city of New York and coincidentally this same city was in the Company’s interest as well.

He was given a task… not an easy one. And just like those who preceded him, he embarked on a journey.